Who are you? Qui êtes-vous? Quién es usted?


If i was to ask you

Who are you?

What would you tell me

Would you tell me your name

or Simply ignore me

Or remain silent

'Cause you don't know the answer

Who are you?

I'm gonna keep you hostage

Till I get my ransom

See i demand to know 

Who YOU are?

Because you're a distance stranger

But yet latched on to me

Through Every waking moment 

To every nights sleep


I am who you're suppose to be 

I am the person you chose

To bury six feet deep

See you walked away !

And forgot all about me


See we struggle 

Trying to get through 

Life's Hustles,it's games

Looking at today's world 

Tickles my brain

Everyone is busy trying to fit into the norm

But where's the originality

It has gone into extintion

Everyone is busy 

Trying to fit into societys image


See we are still slaves

With different masters

and updated shackles

Lost in today's hassles

Trying to find yourself in today's world

It's a starburst

A juicy contradiction

'Cause they say come as you are

And I'll accept thee

But you do just as told

And get rejected for not fitting into the image of socitey

But what about the image of me

What about my personality

See we are lost and are in the process of finding

Who WE are, who YOU are , WHO ARE YOU?

Without the namebrand clothes

New jordans every week

Having a pocket full of cash

But your Mind empty

What do you see when you looking into the mirror

And it's not your reflection 

But a stranger

Someone you think you are

But you know you're not

It's not who  you are

But a Image you're trying to mock








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