Who are we?

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There has to be a bigger world out there somewhere
I know there has to be higher intelligence other than us
Or am I downsizing the human race for what it really is?
It is proven that we only use a few percentages of our brains but why are only a few percentages used?
Why is it so hard for us to tap into the rest of our being?
Are we preventing and sabotaging ouselves into thinking we cannot do more?
Is it possible that an outside force is preventing us from seeing what we can truly do with our remarkable minds?
Life is such a mystery and yet the answers are all around us
Are our minds going into overdrive trying to reveal a complicated formula to such a simple task as living?
Why isnt faith enough for most people?
Faith that we have the power to unlock our true potential and that potential is great
In every religion we are portrayed as spitting images of God, so why would God give us his face and not his attributes?
You would think if he wanted us to represent him he would make us the best
We are failing because we cannot do the one thing we were created for
The one thing that should come most natural to us and that is to live the life we were meant to have.

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I don't know why but I love this poem it really gives a view of smarter species in an analitical or psychological way so much wondering going on

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