Who Are We?

Fri, 03/29/2013 - 16:09 -- itzabri


United States
35° 39' 16.0848" N, 78° 35' 19.662" W

Who are we,
Nothing but the minorities.
All you give us is blame for all the wrong you see.

You say we take your jobs,
You say we kill your children,
You say we are a disgrace to this country.

You tell us we are beneath you,
You tell us we will amount to nothing,
You tell us to go home.

But the thing is
You took this land,
You killed people's children,
Some may even say,
You are the disgrace of this country.

Unlike you, we know where home is.
Unlike you, we don't mind working for something.
Unlike you, we don't cast blame upon others when things get rough.
Unlike you... WE know what struggle is.

The thing is
Without us,
The minorities,
This country would crumble to pieces.

We are the backbone,
The man behind the scene.
We do all that is unseen.

We don't complain, instead we are grateful.
Are families are happy and healthy and for that, we are thankful.

While all you may ever give us is blame.
We give each other praise because we are not ashamed.

We bond over the "flaws" you have given us.
Why, you ask?

Because we are the minorities,
And in reality
We are the majority.


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