Who Am I Really?

Lost and confused: Yet relentlessly persued: How often I forget: That His plan for me is already set:: But I'm facing the wrong direction: Looking for my own perfection: If I could just figure this out: And find what I'm all about:: If I could just get better: If I could just be stronger: My mind keeps running on and on: And I worry my night away right into dawn:: I cry out in pain: Losing control of the reins: I fall to my knees: And begin again to plead:: Lord take my hand: Help me to see your plan: Help me to accept your grace: And stop running this life like a race:: Lost in my mind: Bound in my self created bind: My head's a mess: I'm overwhelmed by stress:: I feel like I've lost it: And I'm left with a broken spirit: Some days I know my name: Other days my picture's just a stranger in a frame:: So quietly I sit: Trying to find where I fit: When I hear God say why are you life in strife?: When I've already told you, I am the way, the truth, and life.: Be still and know that I am God.: Just trust and go where you're called: Follow me: And know that's where you're supposed to be:: Lord take my hand: Help me to see your plan: Show me your grace: Help me to navigate this place:: I have been labled as sick: But I have a choice to pick: Either live to be what society says I am: Or live to be who God says I am:: Each day I wake: I have a choice to make: I can follow the path of fear: Or follow His path that's been made clear:: I worry about a silly diagnosis: Like it has weight against what God's plan is: Yet I let it follow me: Like it's part of my identity:: I forget I am a child of God: A daughter of the one true King: And regardless of a diagnosis: He still calls me His princess:: Lord take my hand: And help me to see your plan: Let your will be done: And to you the glory will come:

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