Who Am I?

I am


2 jobs

22 year old responsibilities

it seems


as if I ain't getting no help

from nobody, it's just me


it's always been me



deservin' everything

except for what I'm workin'


life is so decievin'

but such a blessin'

even when I do start stressin'

double thinking about it


I am

that girl

with curly hair

lookin' like she don't care


stuck up

and self centered

instagram famous and

twitter famous

thinkin' I was social media mentored

you take me out to eat and I'm bein' all nice

you would be the type to think I'm handing you a death cup

when it was really a loving cup

filled with oiled

passion, unforgettable

tenderness, endearment, and affection

unrecognizable, untouchable


love, it can't be traceable

that rude

devil dipped lightskin in female flesh

copper complexion

with curly hair

you can only get that beatiful taste

and look of love

from her

I am her


I am too valuable

I am a queen of

lightskin complexion

a beautiful smile

curvy body and

lucious locks of hair

I just named it all and I really do not care

because I bare to look

in the mirror

I was flexin'

and seize to believe

I ain't nothin'

society builds my standards

I ain't nothin'



I am Alize.

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