Who am I?

If you met me, what would you see?

First impressions are not what they appear to be.


Freshman, Sophomore years of learning and laughing seem so distant,

Junior year it's taken away in an instant.


I trusted you once as a good friend,

but that night you decided to overpower me in the end.


A smile masks the pain of what you did,

an innocence taken away from that high school kid.


The memory of the night left me hollow,

and telling my parents was a hard pill to swallow.


In my mind I relive the assault,

consciously telling me it's not your fault.


Hours of therapy have healed my pain,

to trust another I will gain.


Family and faith is what got me here,

triumphing through my Senior year.


I look at the quote written on my wall,

soon I will rise above it all.


Victim or survivor I am one in the same,

and now you will know me, Holly is my name.




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