Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am the girl who sits quietly in the back of the class room with a head full of thoughts and a note book full of art. I am the girl who is most often misunderstood because of my thoughts and opinions that don't comform to society. I am the girl with soft hazale eyes full of love and hope with a smile that could light up a world in darkness. I am the girl who is often out spoken about my opinions and thoughts and self expression. I am the girl who stands out in a crowd because of my own style and personal opinion on a better life. I am the girl who walks around proudly Holding my head up and displaying my tattoos and piercings. I am the girl who would five my life to save another. I am a girl who is viewed as a mother although I have no children. I am the girl everyone comes to for help because they know I will.
So who am I you may ask? I am Hollilyn.


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