Who Am I?


People tell me I’m limitless but its up to me to turn my daydreams into realities And typically,I just go with the flow as I paddle across these streams.  But now my passion burns like calories for my purpose in this thing, this thing called life.  What position do I play?  I'm on a continuous mission every day to decipher what kinda life I’m supposed to play.  Should I lead? Should I follow.  Am I filled or am I hallow? I’m in need of water cuz this life has been a tough pill to swallow. 

Although that begs the question, Who am I?  No seriously who am I?

I haven't come to a conclusion, I need answers, because all I have is opinions, yet there’s so many options.  My heart is always shopping in search of a new identity that needs to be adopted.  The outcast, the prostitute, the cutter, the anorexic whose health is acute, the mute who never talks or the girl whose irresistibly cute. Cuz I've been the outcast. I've been the kid that they mock. I've been the straight shooter. I've run from cops.  I feel like an actor whose been robbed of all their props

I have nothing to hide behind.  And here I stand, exposed. 

Like tan lines, left with the question, who am I?

Everything I planned to be hasn't work out.
You are looking at a jack of all trades
Wearing a mask of all shapes 
Ready to act with no shame

Playing with life like it’s a game

Because she can’t find a way that can sustain in the same way

This girls been blamed,


Claimed by no one in this confusing process.
It seems my possibilities are endless 
I could be someone to follow 
Or someone hardly worth a holler
Like twitter 
I'm bitter because my friends are trend setters and dress better that me. 
But I could change
And spend my dollars on fancy things that can rearrange. 
And I can swallow pills
Like my friends do.
I didn’t do drugs for a while but I loved to pretend to 
I mean it's hard to turn down what they lend you 
What they send you. Weekends tend to 
Be a curious set of days. 
Friday and Saturday I do it all day
But by Sunday I'm ashamed of what I did
I'm on the fence. And now, here I sit. 

I go to church sometimes and each time I ask God to answer the question. 
Who am I? 
Does He know? Does he care?
Are you listening. Are you there?
It only makes sense to ask the Maker
why he made what he’s made. 
Since we all look so different our purposes can't all be the same. 
I am someone. 
An individual. Who's mostly confused and partially spiritual. 
Looking to answer this question. 
Praying the Maker will respond
Hoping society will quiet down 
So I can listen.


Then I heard from the Papa Bear who lives upstairs

Who yelled out to below, I’ve heard all your prayers.

I’ve stitched together all your tears,

And I want you to know you’re my co-heir. 

I still care, and you’re not one to spare

I know you’ve called out in despair

Asking the question who am I?

But I now ask you a question,

Haven’t you ever realized your rare?

It doesn’t matter what you wear,

Whose your pair, or to who your compared.

You are limitless, child, youre daughter of the King.

Your loved with a love that is everlasting

Peace surpassing

 No more harassing

No more barely grasping

Grasping for life

Gasping for air

Put on the armor of God,

Cuz it’s time to prepare. 

I have always loved you

And have never forgotten.

You’ve always been enough

And never been too much.

And with reality you’ve lost touch

And you’ve used your own life as a crutch

I know what has happened,

In your past, you feel as though you deserve to be last

But I’m here to tell you,

I remain steadfast.

I’ve never bypassed

I promise I’m not the cause of those who have trespassed

You and your boundaries,

I just long for you to see your potential

And learn that you, my child, are limitless. 



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