Who AM I

Who AM I??
I am to help you
wIth the neglect
all the tears wept
I came to you
as they went
I remember you
when you fIrst began
you crIed starved
for those months
no one knew what was up
you survIved
dIdn't gIve up
but you were condItIoned
wIth a hole In your soul
somethIng love needed to go
Instead you sat wIth a hole
so empty, only I could fIll
so when you tempt me,
I came, I come
when you are callIng my name
as you run to seek somethIng
I came, helped you
when you felt nothIng my son
I told you of your worth
I am your helpIng guIde
I gIve you lIfe Inside
what Is lIfe wIthout me
Who AM I??

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