White world

You think you are better. But equality is for you just a word, something you don’t believe in, something you don’t know.

You don’t even try to make life equal because you think you earned what you have.

You think you earned to treat people like crap because you ones were.

You think it is an ideal so you won’t even try to pursue it. You turn the dream into a nightmare.

I’m sorry for your bad childhood but I am not sorry for mine. I am not sorry for the way I grew up and I don’t think I should be.

I got problems and just because they aren’t the same as yours doesn’t mean they weren’t as real.

You got hurt so did I.

Can you really use how you grew up as an excuse for who you are now. I know I am not, will not, can not.

I feel guilty just thinking this, but you need to here it.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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