White walls

White walls

Question my worth because you can

then drain my essence through your fingers

I am sand

I am sand.

White walls

They don't understand

that where they stand,

are the bones of the oppressed 

pressed fine than sand, 


White walls

Turned up noses and

slanted eyes, pursed lips

watching my life seep from my eyes.

White walls

"She's pretty for a black girl."

White walls

"Well, he said the n-word too."

White walls

"Oh wow, I'm blacker than you!" 

White walls

That build a white box,

color blind is just blind

in the eyes of the law.

White walls

Try to ban my history, 

Try to sanitize the ugly truth.

White walls

I was taught to love and care for everyone

but it's hard you see,

when you're staring down

the barrel end of a gun.

White wall

" Black Lives Matter."

White wal

No, " All Lives Matter!" 

Putting your hands

over my mouth

watching the fear in my eyes,

yet my humanity is still

something you doubt.

White wa

Build your white box

shielding your white lives

white lies;

you've been sitting in the dark.

White w

Institutionalized racism

me with my brothers and sisters

try to fight a crooked system.


Now we are praised

for our gifts

they pay for our shows

fetishize our finesse

and vulture our culture 

to cultivate their bank rolls.

White walls 

hold the KKK

but BLM ( Black Lives Matter) is questioned



hoping to build a white wall

to keep non-white people out.


" No, we don't talk about that in school,


"because it makes people 

uncomfortable knowing 

the slaves slaved all day,

that they were beaten down,

hanged, and raped."


look in wonder as 

I articulate my thoughts.

A raised hand means a raised voice, 

I will break down these



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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