White Noise

White noise conquers my senses 

In the restless hum 

My mind dispenses 

Scribbles on the inside of my eyes

Neon lighting that leaves me hyponotized 

Shattering vaults of desperate words

In the grey light of dusk 

I am more than disturbed


Do you you think I am better off in words?

They are finally scabbing over some of my deeper wounds 

I like to think that my head will eventually clear

Though this white noise is all I hear 


Little radioactive pools of lies 

Questions and answers being scrutinized 

How can I get the angel back on my right? 

When I have devils coming at me from both sides


You there reading my struggle for peace

Do you read the anguish coming out of me 

Can you see the soul that's whispering

All the things I have longed to scream 


I know I am better off In words 

They are starting to scab over the deepest wounds 

My mind will never clear 

Because the white noise is always here


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