While the World Suffers... (a love poem)

Darkness swarms the land like a conglomerate of mosquitoes in a murky swamp,


The essence of this evil: something most feel consumed by its terrifying daunt.

Some witness to the semblance of anguish and despair within this worldly nation,

With thoughts of misery, giving society their will towards their own cessation.


The world, and the majority of all of its inhabitants, go throughout life with pain,

But there are others who may observe this evil, but their happiness still sustains.

People, just like me and my dearest wife who live this life happier than before.

And while the world suffers, we indulge in eternal love, which we blissfully explore.


Me and my sweet angel, my beautiful wife whom I hold ever so dear to my heart,

We endure the trials of corporate and earthly struggles, never ever setting apart.

We hold each other as we traipse amongst the rusty nails of Earth’s tribulation,

No matter how much pain we abide to, never will it sever us from our satiation.


No measly darkness, nor blinding light can divide us, in our impenetrable love—

Our ecstatic bliss, carefully crafted from the powerful wonders of heaven above.

She is my love, she is my radiant light—my happiness, and many much more.

We will always love each other in our eternal affection, which we were meant for.


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