Where's Your Trigger?


Skin color vs ethnicity:

Isn't that the game?

My mother is Scotish

My father is Mexican

My cousins are African

I have blue eyes with a halo of orange fire

I have hair as rich as chocolate and thick as molasses

I have skin like ivory

I am not white

But that doesn't matter to you

You look at me and think white

I look at you and think white

Your blood is red but mine runs black

So where's your trigger for me?

Why isn't the bullet in my heart?

Why did he have to suffer,

Because you looked at him

And thought black?

Why are they condemmed,

because their skin mimics the night?

My skin shines like a star

But my blood is made of infinities

I deserve that bullet as much as him

But you deserve the hell of it


The Darcy Perspective

Thanks! :)

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