Where's Mommy

I remember being young
careless, not a worry in the world

I was so happy
I was that kid running around
trying to race everyone

never feeling alone

I didnt know right from wrong
but what was wrong with that

one day
I remember my mommy
she was listening to the phone

I had a really good day
except for when that teacher
called me over

"why do you have that bruise dear"
gasp and that cut

I looked down
"oh, I fell yesterday"

she sent me off to play again

so, my mommy on the phone
she covers her mouth
I asked what was wrong
but she didnt say a thing

over the next few days thats how it went
me talking to the teachers between races
and my mom listening to her voicemail

one day I came home
a nice lady in a suit
wanted to talk to me

I thought she was cool so we talked
she asked me all sorts of questions
how much do you eat
what do you do for fun
have you ever been hit

I told her everything
not a single care
it was fun right

she left while talking about me on the phone
give it a little while
and an hour later
she came back with 4 police officers
I could smell cologne

They smiled at me and on walked me over to a squad car, asked if I wanted to sit up front. "sure." Who could say no? The nice lady sat with me fro a while and talked a lot. A little while later, she took me in her car. We drove for an hour. I forgot to ask though, "Wheres mommy?"

This poem is about: 
My family


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