Where She Crossed


United States
34° 8' 8.4012" N, 117° 36' 50.9256" W

She remembered the noise, the omnipresent voice
Of her conscience in her head
She remembered the dark, but not how it’d start
The conflagration that left her for dead

He remembers the night, the flashes of light
That set the woodland ablaze
He remembers the screams, the destitute means
Of which he was left in a haze

She remembered her calls, her quick-moving feet,
That wouldn't help her escape
She remembered the spread of the yellow and red
That'd test her unfortunate fate

He remembers the flames, the contrived rain
Surrounding the once black lake
He remembers the fear, the silent tears
As he lies wide-awake

On December 13th, she returns to the lake, recalling the life she'd lost,
On December 13th, he visits the space, never forgetting where she crossed.


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