Where I'm From (Child of The Owl)

I am from hoodies,
From dry hands and hard work,
I am from the debts of Daddy’s addiction,
(False hopes, hoping all this was just a

I am from the teacher who hates me,
The one that called me dumb
Whose hit I still remember
As strict and unreasonable.

I’m from Chinatown,
Where everyone skin was like mine
The point where I started from
Tracing back what I have long lost.
From Chinese-American borned.

I’m from dancing and socializing,
From Jeanie and Barney.
I’m from popularity, at schools
And handsome looks.

I’m from cards and gambling,
From slapjacks to addictions
That I wish would end
Hoping we would hit it big
Soon, moving into our dream penthouse.

I’m from cinnamon tasting toothpicks and tea,
From the story my Paw-Paw would tell
From the mother I never knew of
To the family’s owl charm
To my real Chinese name, my true identity.
I am from these moments
Story within story
That will always be inside of me.


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