Where I'm From


United States
37° 17' 8.3868" N, 121° 49' 40.0548" W

I am from straw hats,
From humid to dirty roads,
I am from Mommy’s and Daddy’s homeland,
(Saigon, the city where everyone

I am from the little swimming pool,
The orange and lemon tree.
Whose fruit when ripe were so good,
Delicious and sweet.

I’m from traditional dresses and noodles,
From Cuc and Hoa
I’m from threads and silks.
From strands of noodles and soup base.
From needles and ladle.

I’m from girly and tomboy,
From playhouse to climbing.
From the swinging on the swings
Onto the action figures and video games.

I’m from tea and rice cakes,
From my grandmother whom I have lost
Due to diabetes and old age.
Under my bed lies my memory box,
Held with pictures and letters.
Letters filled with cute little foolish sayings
That makes me giggle every time I read them.

I am from these memories
That lays within me, that I will always treasure.
That will live with me forever.


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