Where I'm From


United States
45° 47' 23.5716" N, 122° 58' 39.1044" W

I am from the darkness that arose in my father's heart,
I am from the pain and misery,
Of every human being,
I am from the depression,
That was once inside your mind,
You look at me,
I know you do,
You don't like me in the least.

I am from th evil,
That you willing locked away,
I am from the suffering in every childs mind,
I am like a punching bag,
You like to fight and taunt,
I'm sick of it,
I've had enough,
So now i choose to leave.

I am from the smile across my mother's face,
I am from the love and happiness,
Of everyone around me,
I am from the little things,
That you smile at the most.

I come from the laughter,
The one inside you heart,
I am from the good that lerks within your mind,
I'm not a punching bag,
Just a simple little kid,
I like it here,
I love it now,
So now i choose to stay.

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