Where I'm From

I am from weeping willow trees.
From a small brick house with the greenest grass and the warmest comfort
to cool, delicate raindrops rolling down the window.
From poofy dresses to big hair bows on a Sunday morning in church.
I’m from big blue eyes to big bright smiles.
From cold snowflakes falling on my eyelashes to the best snowball fights.
I am from sheets and pillows patterned with pastels.
I’m from warm orange blankets, to huge recliners.
I am from a fireplace that cracks with different shades of blues and oranges on cool fall nights.
From the clicks and clacks of my grandfather’s typewriter that’s filled with words that don't make sense.
I am from a woman who has the loudest laugh, but also the biggest heart.
I am from photographs of the crisp, fall mornings.
From laughing way too loud and way too much on summer nights spent with my best friends.
I am from driving all over downtown Paducah late at night.
I’m from tire swinging from the tallest tree beyond the woods.
From catching crabs and shuffling through waves to hiking through the beautiful smokey mountains.
I am from awful dancing and terrible singing.
I am from late night phone calls with friends that make me smile.
I’m from concerts that last all night to vacations that seem to last forever.
I am from all my friends and family that I love very much and that I’m so blessed to have in my life.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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