Where I'm From

I'm from a place where green grass grows,

And during the winter it hardly snows.

I am from a place where summer is hot and winter is cold,

But working through those things is what makes us bold.

I'm from strong unpredictable animals that aren't to be tamed,

But breaking and training them is apart of my game.

I am from where horse hooves stomp the Earth,

And where cowboys backs meet the dirt.

I'm from big arena's with roaring crowds,

Hoping that I made it past the short go round.

I am from boots and spurs,

And sometimes going so fast that the scene is nothing but a blur.

I'm from a place where I never ride alone,

With the Lord by my side, I know I'll make it home.

I am from where if there's trouble,

I pray for God to send angels on the double.

I'm from a place with some of the fastest riders around,

All of us trying to make it to the next go round.

I am from a place where the riders never turn away,

But before every ride, they always make time to pray.

I'm from a place where the riders always try and ride rank,

while only a few actually make bank.

I am from a place where my boys always give it their all,

And ride their hearts out while trying not to fall.


This life I chose is not the safest thing,

But I know in the end, it'll be worth more than anything.



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