Where Im From


I am from piles of birthday and Christmas gifts.

From stuffed animals to dolls and

games scattered all over the house.

I am from crayons, markers and coloring books to all the bright colors of nail polish and bracelets.

From rusty cars in the yard to fancy water fountains and a pool for summer.


I am form healthy food like creamy apple salad, and ribs on the grill to candies of all types to share.

From sweet pets like dogs and cats that poop everywhere to being sad and lonely when they run away, and never to be seen again.

I am from eight years of being an only child to “watch your little brother and sister.”


I am from hidden notes in my drawers, that go way back to middle school, to my soon to come high school grade graduation.

I am from parents that only want “A’s” and “B’s” to being sent to the principal’s office for silly disputes.

From texting all day and listening to music,

to those late night phone calls and staying up

to watch a movie.

I’m from the first gift I unwrapped to the last never ungrateful.


-Kendra Quintero


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