Where I'm From

I am from music, from the fragile keys of my nanna's ole grand, from the sticky marshmellows stretched finger to finger. I am from the valley of the Smokey Mountains, the memory of my ancestors thrive around me. I am from thorny roses, from condinsation  driping off a glass of my mothers frozen limonade. I am from togetherness and hope, from Joanna Roxanne and Russell Stuart, I am from past generations of "go getters!" I am from the strong hearted and open-minded, from "It'll be alright"s and "dont give up"s . I am from a small all black church on a back road to nowhere. I'm from the plantations of Mississippi, an unbloomed tullip in an empty garden of mud. I'm from the strength of my great great greats and the power from which they pulled through to save our family name, the forgiveness, the freedom... I am from the broken frame of my childhood, from my past mistakes and unkept promises. I am from my future generations, seeking that unlimited, pure freedom that runs through my vains.I am from the Eagle, and I wont ever stop my everlasting flight.


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