Where I’m From To Where I’m Going

Where I’m From To Where I’m Going

---Leilah Reina Gilbert


* Inspired by Where I’m From by George ella Lyon*


                                                   I am from music ,

 from earbuds and Ipods

I’m from the lyrics and the chorus

(Upbeat and catchy

the way it always brought color to our lives).

I am from the monkey bars and the swing

whose chains were rusty

and bars who would give me callus.


I’m from converse and contacts

From a single mom.

I’m from family hangouts

and the get-togethers.

From Clean your room! and Time to wake up!

I’m from putting my hair up in a bun on saturday mornings

while listening to drake before dance practice.


I’m from Round Rock and Leander

from mac and cheese with hot dogs

From being one of the oldest in the family

and my step dad taking me and my sister in as his own.


In my room there is a wall covered in pictures

shaped in a heart,

filled with old pictures

and memories you can't remake.

I’m from those nights we felt alive

way before life became so complicated


I’m going to college

Filled with new people and friends

I’m going to houston

Filled with new opportunities and experiences

I’m going to live on my own

Filled with struggles and stress


I may be going to new places with new beginnings,

But I will never forget where I’m from.





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