Where Everything Stays

I hear the ticking of a clock as time passes

The weight of the clock rests on my heart

Its ticks sending vibrations to my very core

The ticks never ending, never faltering


And yet I look upon a world where everything stays

Things around me seeming the same as they did the day past

The birds still call in the morning

The trees still rustle in the breeze

The sky just as blue and vast as the day before


So how is it that everything for me has changed?

Trust broken

Friendships lost

Future uncertain


With each the clock grows heavier,

Compressing over my heart, clenching it in its cold grasp

The resounding ticks growing louder

The pain becoming more unbearable

My life crumbling underneath the ever-ticking clock

In my world where nothing has stayed


Is it selfish to want things to stay?

Is it foolish to wish things would never change?

Is it horrible to dream of the clock stopping?

Where my world can stay?


Because in reality the world doesn’t really stay

It may feel that way because the world ignores the pain, the suffering, the lives of the people with their own clocks ticking away just hoping for the ticking to pause

For things to stay if only so that we can take a breath


People like me bearing the weight of their clocks looking at a world that seems to stay even when everything has changed


In the end nothing stays

Everything changes

The clock ticks marching on 

Where new friends will be made

Where opportunities will present itself

Where things will begin anew

In a world where everything never stays

This poem is about: 
Our world


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