Where are we headed?

A bunch of people poppin off their hinges  

They line up to be called snitches

My computer screen went black from all the game glitches 

I might have fell and the hospital gave me 15 stitches 

It’s not Halloween but I am looking for a couple witches

I laid back to decipher the world that's so wicked

I see people not leading and they walking crooked 

They making music for my generation sound so stupid

Let my words penetrate through this small snippet 



I have a new nickname call me Joshie-tron

Everything I influenced, I also moved along

I worked hard day n night I just mowed your lawn 

Now all the haters try to follow me, I cut them off

I may be a lonely boy but I am also never lost 

My word game cuts colder than that window frost 

I don't care about name brands or what it cost

What really matters is that I can become your boss

Make the right decisions or you will be at a loss

I may be sitting here trying to write these songs

Let it be meaningful not about beer bongs and thongs

because if I’m stepping over you, calculate how long! 

I am a transformer and like to know what I am doing wrong

Lets have a special collaboration for this vast nation

I love to be creative and sing along to my own creations

Im making money to plan for my family vacation

Stop complaining about your situation or foundation

All this crying got this room filled with condensation

Try to make an impact and build your reputation

I am just freestyling off a beat, these are not confessions!

This poem is about: 
Our world



Great, great stuff, very insightful!

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