I can't hear them, do they sleep?
No they lie awake way down deep. Beneath a state big and wide.
In another one they reside.
All I see is silence in the midst.
As I write a poem turning my wrist.
A silence that has no fear? Yet that doesn't even seem clear? All is gone once again. Realizing there will never be a reuniting of friends. Everything is a blur and forgotten. And why do I feel so rotten? If I could scream one last thing in your ear. I'd say it all now seems clear. I'm sorry about it all. And all the wonderful midnight calls. You showed me a light. And. It made everything feel alright. But now youre just pain out of sight. And with this i say thank you and goodnight. My long lost friend and one of the dearest I've known in my life.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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