Where’s the HUMANITY?!

The melanin of our skin tones are enough to spark controversy

Gun violence, Police brutality, Black on black crimes… Humanity?!

They chain us up, lock us down; there comes a time when the truth must come out.

We’ve dug the hole for ourselves deeper… Through the bullhorn, “Black Lives Matter!”

We chant this so our voices are heard, but we are a contradiction

Why are we killing the ones we once called ‘My Brother’? What has happened?

What happened to “Peace and love” The belief that every soul has God’s love?


I feel humanity slipping away from off of our fingertips.

Actions speak louder than words, but if that’s the case then we’ve all set ourselves up

Complain it’s the white man’s fault, then why are we pouring salt on our wounds

As if it will heal, numbing us to feel, as if it wipes all away

All the thoughts of what once was… We are no longer our history.

Cotton fields, masters, sun blazing the skins of our people… No More!

Times have evolved, movements have changed but one thing has yet to stay the same.

Must it be a challenge to love another, there’s no wrong in saying

Peace and Love My Brother, we must break the barriers that have held us back.


Chant so that our voices are heard, we break the silence… once deferred.  

The question that is often steered away from… What do WE really want?

Do we want to be looked at for a hoodie on our heads or for

Bag of books on our backs? Want to be questioned for being black?

BLACK… filled with timeless history…buried secrets? Remains mystery.

My Nigga… Many use the derogatory term far too lightly

If only we took into account the hardship that it has gone through

It’s astonishing how many aren’t ashamed. My nigga: my friend

It’s all cool til’ a white man call you the same. So, would he be to blame??

This topic isn’t a joke. I too am guilty of using the word

Ignorance is sometimes bliss, and arrogance may be a supplement.

But NOW, the knowledge of my history has gained my full attention.

Wrong for a white man to call you ‘nigga,’what’s the exception if black.

Today’s media has us brainwashed, rappers and singers use it all

A cycle that needs to broken but until it’s gets real for you,

You’ll never understand. This controversy at hand must be handled.

As I sit here writing this, I wonder about the Whys and What ifs.

With all honesty, I will remain restless until it is answered,

To all black and white souls, where’s the HUMANITY?!


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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