When you're left alone........


When you're left alone with no family to turn to

self confidence and worth becomes hard for you

Your confidence is shot your dreams diminished

never has anyone felt so finished 


When you're left alone with no friends to turn to 

People ignore you, berate you, and hurt you 

with no one to lean on it's hard to stand on two feet 

but you just keep going for fear of defeat


When you're alone without a home to call your own

You wonder lost, cold, forgotten, and alone

Homes hold laughter and joy for all inside 

With a home one never needs to hide 


Then suddenly you find a friend to call your own 

you feel bigger and better and before you've know 

but with that friend that you try to keep 

you become lost and closer than ever to a sinful leap. 


When you're friends slipping and you can't let them go 

You begin to change and it starts to show

Money is now spent on trivial things 

Diamonds, makeup, and silly rings 


When your surrounded by people and it starts to show 

Then you're still unhappy and you want to go 

You become someone completely new

someone you wish you never knew 


But then it happens before your eyes

true friends are made you could never despise 

The person you were drifts away 

and you bask in the glory of a brand new day 


When you're no longer alone and you have everyone to turn to 

you understand that the people you have are there for you 

You have a home to call your own and everything is fine 

You've never been happier to say "this family is mine"



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