When Your Face Is Covered


Quiet girl: she hides behind the life of masquerade.

Doesn't matter much; can't see behind the mask.

Colors of yellow, orange, green, gold, and white decorate the outside.

They tell of intellect, happiness, balance, success, value, perfection.

Inside is a swirling mass of BLACK.

Secrets and lies and curtains are drawn to hold back the colors that have frightened many. 

Balls of red anger pummel from behind the mask.

Orange pessimism tells that the glass is broken. Never to be drunk from again.

Dull silver dots behind the eyes, spilling over when tears well.

"You're too sensitive. Don't take it personal."

The temples are layered with blotches of gray that run down cheeks like liquid.

It speaks of odd detachment.

How ironic one can feel so detached from society and be so emotional to silly, immature things.

But no one sees inside. Only the outside can be trusted to tell the truth.

My future is bright. I can do all things.

I will have little ones to love and who love me.

Wealth and prosperity will bless me, when I get my dream job. I will reach all of my goals in life.

Not a flaw to be seen- when your face is covered.

But don't they say imperfections are what make us perfect?

Surely not. Everyone knows it's what's on the outside that counts.

Stay pretty, stay perfect.

Keep that mask on. You're not scared.

Keep that mask on. Beautiful colors will never fade.

Keep that mask on. Black is a nasty color- a realistic color. It has scarred your skin.

Keep that mask on. No one likes the stories of broken hearts when they're true.

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Oh, and in case some might not figure it out: the bold words are like a poem within a poem. Yes, I'm proud. *extravagant bow* Feel pretty humbled reading and listening to other poems! It's great to be able to share mine!

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