When you went away

Everything was great on that sunny day, 

my sister calling at work? What did she need to say?

Her voice was muffled and I couldn't hear, 

She said you might now make it, then fell one single tear. 

Can't breath, legs shaking, can't think, 

I could hear myself sobbing, I started to shrink. 

To the floor I fell, phone to my ear, 

She just confirmed one of my biggest fears. 

Family lost, another is gone, 

I want to see you, to touch you, please hold on. 

I got to your side trembling and fearful, 

I kissed your cheek and said goodbye so  tearful. 

Your life ended that day, 

20 minutes later the doctor came out to say, 

your suffering was done, 

the  feeling I got will never fade away, 

your heart had stopped & you passed on. 

your memory is with me, 

I am filled with your love. 

Until I am set free, 

to see you above 

This poem is about: 
My family


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