When The Words Don't Come Out

Mon, 06/20/2016 - 14:17 -- aph

As inhalation occurs, your mind is scanning, panning, and planning

High pitch squeals and commotion amongst people occur

Your fingers itch and twitch and launch for your pocket

The only manner and means of you trying to be like these people around you


Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Pronouns

It started after the accident I lost the will to speak

They tried everything

Waiting, Signing, Joking, and even Provoking

But then one day...

I saw the pen and the paper

Writing for hours in that cream colored hospital bed

My vocal chords rusty but my left-handed grip is ready to write

First it was jokes then short stories and then I found it

I found my voice in poetry

Poems about any and everything

That is what got me through

Not the pills not the medication and not their words

My words

I only communicate threw my black ball point pen and my hand held notebook

I am out of the hospital and ready to go to a new school

A school to help me "find myself again."

As I sit all alone in the commons of the school I couldn't help but write poems as my invisible shield protected me from my peers

Deep in thought, my thought process is all of a sudden disturbed

A boy, curly haired and round glasses on his face is smiling at me

He asks "Are you writing a story?"

I just shrug my head he wouldn't understand

He says "I am James, I slipped on some ice and ended up here."

I kind of smile

"Hey would you look at that. Life!"

He is the first person that has been real with me since the accident


"Can I read it?"

I violently put my notebook in my pocket and just look at him with a annoyned face

He looks shocked I don't know why

He pulls out his own notebook from his bookback

He sets it down on the table before us and opens it to a page I am shocked I scan through this notebook

He is an artist Zombies, Guns, Tombstones, Food, and Shadows

He says "It isn't really great but I thought up might like it."

He smirks at me

Open up I think

I very carefully take out my notebook and set it down next to him I hold up one finger

"I understand one story."

I was thinking one page, but I really don't feel like correcting him.

I watch as he reads and I can't understand his emotions through his face

When he is done he looks up surprised "This is amazing"

I smile

"After we "find ourselfs again at school"would you like to go to this coffee shop downtown?"

I shake my head and smile

He smiles and leaves

I write poetry because when oral words fail written words pick up the slack


(c) APH

This poem is about: 
Our world



this is amazing, writing will always be the words of which we grow, most people think we learn from it because it has a story of valor. but it's really because we got it off our chests and onto something that can't and won't break as easily as us


Thank you so much for your comment! Really made my day! I totally agree with what you said 100%. 

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