When the Wind Blows


United States
30° 14' 24" N, 92° 0' 36" W

When the wind blows
it takes with it what it wills
it kicks up scents that bring back good times
the smell of autumn leaves
throwing you into a world of reminiscence
sometimes it carries more than just small things
it can carry people's souls
those who allow themselves to be lost in the whir
those who move
flitting from here
to there
never seen
only felt
there's a bench at the park down the street
nothing to take note of
just a rusty old thing
but it is home to a woman
who blows with the wind
she has no permanent residence, no sense of security
she's free. yet confined.
carefree. yet deeply troubled.
They say she's mad
they say she's crazy
lost her mind through the terrors of living on the streets
but she's not.
she's not crazy
in fact she told me a secret the other day.
she told me how to lose myself in the WIND
No one's seen me since



hope you guys enjoy

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