When will it stop?

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 02:06 -- ShaniaS

When will we stop the violence
Becuz the night is hot and I can't sleep
And I smell violence in the air
It smell of pain and sadness
We stand alone in the dark
When will someone turn on the light
So we can join hands and do what's right
If life was a movie this is the time
We band together choose to fight
I feel like my life is nothing but a twlight zone episode
And I'm the only who knows it
The summer is coming fast
I know some of us won't last
I don't want my end to be done
By a gun
Or in a dark alley where I have no choose but to run
This world is so twisted
So twisted that it never be straight again
If you stand for non violence you will never win
So much for happy endings
We don't even have happy beginnings


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