When will I be free

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 20:20 -- lexie15


United States
32° 9' 0.3456" N, 110° 22' 42.7584" W

Had a loving family,just a little kid with a mom and dad, how were we to know everything would change, 7 is a lucky number, not here never here, the little kid met another father she never knew, started to get scared and choking on food, lossing weight , scared to swallow, crying her self to sleep, a battle between the mind and how to live, lossing everything, lost that loving family, still choking, started smoking, never living only worring,sad little girl, drugs look over that sweet mother of hers, devorse, hell, hate, little girl got into cuting, sliting, bleeding, dieing on the inside geting smaller on the outside, 18 years now and nothings changed, no more family, no more anything,just waiting to be set free.

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This is so powerful

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