When we fall, We Recover

My people hunted here,
Where white people now stand,
And where are my brothers,
In Oklahoma, where we were pushed away.
My friends are hated,
For being black, Asian or Hispanic,
Our land has been taken and we have all been abused,
For the sake of the white man’s dollar.

My friends and brothers are hated for religion,
Hated for sexuality,
Hated for their color,
Yet the government simply chuckles.
They help put us down,
As they drive their new cars and flaunt their houses,
While we ride hoopties and live in slums,
Thanks to the white man’s dollar.

But we will rise,
We can overthrow this tyranny in the way that we were treated,
Violence, lies and infiltration speak louder than words,
Our peace makes no change,
It is time we fight and bring our nation to liberty.

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My community
My country
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We can rise.

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