When My Soul

When my soul
Will form more now part of the universe
Of the blue color until the black
Because my soul like black
It is combination of all colors

When is my soul outside
I'll miss my body
Because taught me much
To can touch to do something
To feel what my soul wish
When is my soul outside
I will miss the days of my head lying on my pillow
Coursing what life gave me
With many fights that I gave
The occasions lost were the most win
Because I learned

When is my soul outside
I will miss my body
Because not in any other place
It would have had chosen to come to live in this world
As when I chose once in heaven
Of many souls that were looking to come to live
Looking for a body to live

I love so much to exist
The stars
Are my poetry more big of my being
I have seen so much hate in peoples eyes
So much envy so much rancor as much unconsciousness
Regardless of which color are their eyes
For my soul is not worth if there is nothing
If theres not a little exist in them
In their words

When is my soul outside
Will be more inside than outside
Maybe will bring me to God
One soul with a being more soon
That of what my light awaits
I don't need my soul to be outside
For knowing what my light shines
Is just a way to wait so can happen
To see that will happen

When is my soul outside
I'll fetch more with my mantle fair and good of the soul
Although is the color of around
Of any color
Because I am a soul that has love
Because I didn't thought in nothing that first will love me
First to love myself
Because I decided to come to live.
-Jonatan Vega


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