When my Day is Over

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 17:12 -- Emerl

Saying bye to my very few friends as the day ends
I drag my feet slowly across the concrete to where each day begins.
Six blocks wondering if I'll have some fun at home.
Most days I accept the fact that I'm all alone.
Other days it's abysmal as I lay in this silence
Just me, t.v and ps3 while I hold conversations over texting apps. Jealous of everyone complaining about their siblings while i wonder if mine are okay. I drift often into thoughts of life with an "annoying sister" and "pesky brother" to "bother" me on a daily basis
Then... at a moment's notice I'm back in the stillness of my room without a thing to say...

But I smile with some unknown reason and tell others "I've had a wonderful day"


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