When is the time to show emotion. 
When is the time to hold everything inside? 
Leaders are suppose to set the example. 
When so many have been killed and wounded. 
Is it alright to cry? 
Had we become so hard to death. 
That it no longer made a difference. 
Was it better him than I?
Had we became so hard emotionally?
We came home bitterer old men. 
And we were just in our TWENTIES! 
~ Ricardo
This poem is about: 
My country


MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

In this poem, I'm trying to show how we had changed.

You could not react to all the killing and wounding.

If you did it would drive you crazy or insane.

I think, down deep, men were thinking.

Better him, than me or I.

I came back very angry.

Times, I never knew why.

I had reacted the way I did.

It must have been.

My way of letting out.

All that I had kept inside.

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