When It All Comes Down to It


United States

How much sadness can a person feel?

Before they break in two?

There live becomes much less than real,

Nothing makes sense anymore,

All control is lost.

There’s no more use fighting it,

It’s just too much pain to fight,

How could you fight a helpless battle?

Never the less some pull through,

Everyday battle there demons,

On and on until till there life is taken away.

Ripped from their grasp,

No sorrow,

No remorse.

Just the cruel torture of those above,

Or below,

And there is no escaping the end.

No matter how much you plea,

You will continue to bleed.

Bleed until the blood runs dry.

Scream until there’s no more use to try.

Then your world becomes silent,

Your demons become so quiet.

The light in your eyes slowly burns out,

Your mouth no longer produces a sound.

Your body becomes as limp as the life you have lived,

And you have nothing to show for it, never a reason to live.

Your funeral is quite small,

A few souls in sight,

For how can somebody attend when you barley spoke a sound?

So they lay you in the ground,

A few flowers thrown to you on the way down,

You see yourself from above and relive your life.

As you live you notice no one was ever there,

You lived your entire life alone and no one could have cared.

And just like you have the answer.

The answer of why you were so very sad,

Everyone in life needs someone,

Someone to hold,

Someone to love,

Whether they be big or small,

Quite short or quite tall,

There still yours and you are theirs,

Whether it be a lover,

Or maybe a simple friend,

For how can someone live such a happy life alone?

No one to worry whether you’re dead or alive,

No one to care not even say goodbye.

So let this be a lesson to all the souls in sight,

Find someone and hug them tight.

Tell them everything is all right and there not alone,

‘For I am to in need of a home’,

They may look at you and run away,

Or maybe they’ll smile and ask you to stay.

You may sit for coffee talk about your life,

Become lovers, or the best friends,

You never know how your life will turn out,

Nobody does it’s a mystery that won’t be solved.

But take the opportunity if it ever comes,

You never know who you’ll meet,

Or where they will come from,

Or what their story is,

Because everyone has a one,

Why don’t you take a minute and listen?

You never know what you’ll learn,

You may look at life differently,

Step in someone else’s shoes,

Because life is funny that way,

Your sadness never has to stay,

It takes one person,

And it’s gone away.






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