When I Write

When I write, I become part of the story

Create something tragic, beautiful

The characters an extension of me

Not frozen in time, not simply existing

They know what they want

They go for it

Asking no questions, no hesitations

No fear

The person I want to be

Unafraid, unashamed

Daring, confident, controlled

What they go through

Unimaginable, unspeakable

Things other people go through every day

But they always make it through

Always prevail

Good always triumphs

Evil never wins

Society, as cruel as it is

It never controls them

They are like myself

The outcasts

Bullied, put down

Not fitting in with others’ beliefs

But they are stronger than I

When I write, I become someone else

I become Katerina, Skye, Izzy, Alexandria

Strong heroines who don’t need anyone but their friends

I become Kai, Demetrius, Adrian

The guys I’ve always dreamed of

The strong ones, the ones who stand up for others

Who know what they want and go for it

Take it

When I write, all the bad things slip away

I exist in a different world

A different dimension

Where nothing bad ever survives

When I write, I see hope

A future, a new world of my creation

I see life in a whole new light

When I write


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