When I Was Little

When I was little I wanted to work with wordsI wanted my voice to be heard Amidst the noise of all the others in the worldI wanted to construct skyscrapers built of verbs, Towering miles above the earthBut unlike babylon, my goal was never heaven And it wasn't the sunI wanted to dictate diction and denotationI wanted to influence the populationWith meaning and connotation.I wanted everyone's vocabularyTo grow and increase exponentially,And maybe then, potentiallyWe’d know the meanings of “peace” and “love” and “human being.” When I was little, I wanted to work with letters I thought that somehow, things would get betterIf we figured out how to arrange them in a wayThat we’d finally get across what we meant to sayInstead of tripping over tongue tied attempts at communicatingI wanted to lift society out of this fog of unintellectual dialogueConsisting of acronyms, abbreviations, and mnemonicsLike “YOLO” and “LOL” which both sound idiotic. When I was little I wanted to work with wordsBut at seventeen, I now find it absurdTo try to control the puppet master the king of everything that screams “disaster”But at seventeen I still want to work with languageBecause there is no greater fragranceThan published words on untouched pagesWhen I was little, I didn't want to be a dentist, lawyer, or doctorI wanted, and still want, to be an author. 

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