when I grow up

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 22:50 -- Haile

This world can't contain me

It can't control me

My dreams are bigger than

anything you can imagine

I dream of life beyond our existences

Beyond our experiences

My spirit has already left my body

It is searching the galaxy

For our meaning and purpose

My eyes dazed over

Because my mind is no longer there

My mind is doing the math of how long

I will have to stay in this exponential body

My body lethargic

Because in my mind, I am on a distant planet

With little to no gravity

Jumping, leaping and bounding

Across terrain never explored

Documenting every new find

In my mind

And touching every rock

With my hands

My spirit no longer searching

For the thing that completes me

I always knew

I knew that I never belonged to this planet

I was always extraterrestrial

The life of eating packet food

Is not glorious but it completes me

I am an explorer

Through and through



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