When I die

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 02:33 -- elislee


United States
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I want you to bury me.
I want you to live longer than me.
I want you to watch me die
By my side

If I were to die in an accident
As selfish as anyone can be,
I want you
By my side

Watching my blood stain your suit
Your midnight black suit and your ivory white collar shirt
And for you to hold me into your soul
And watch me die
Until my very last breath

I never want to feel the pain of burying a lover
I never want to feel the pain of saying goodbye And that is why
I ask you
To live longer
And go through the pain on my behalf

When I die,
I beg of you-
Burn me.
Burn my body and contain my ashes in a crystal jar.
A jar that is unbreakable yet clearly seen.

And when you die,
Burn your body.
And next your ashes are mine

I want your ashes next to mine.
I want your ashes in the same crystal jar as mine.
And together we will mingle forever in the same jar.
Our ashes will be seen by the entire world
And anyone who disapproved
Of our relationship
Will never be able to break through our crystal jar
And only this way,
We will truly become one.
After death.


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