When He Did Not Kiss the Girl

A symphony of lights,

a dance of green and blue

coupled with the song of the waves,

The scent of moss imbued

The rock of the water in its ebb and flow

He looked into her eyes

Through them, his only window


With expectations and anticipations,

came clarity and realizations

that he could never know the girl,

never love the damsel that waited


and so there she waited, it became clear

that truly the one to love

and to be loved by was not before her

and all that she had done to pave her path

was not her path at all


and in that moment

as often a woman's lament

since the day that woman

had love in her heart to be spent

she discovered what she had thought was her way

was not, in fact, meant to be

and that the one she had run to

had led her astray


And so for long to follow,

she bemoaned the wasted hours

for not reigning in that which was never in her power

to have taken to begin with

for love cannot be taken

it cannot be guided

cannot be awakened

when it was not provided at all


and so, as so many women before her

and as so many women will face to come,

the girl had to come to see

that he would not be the one

and that the man she had thought

would make her a part of his world

was not the man that would take the chance

to love, and kiss the girl


But as men may be weak,

so also women may be strong,

and her epiphany was reached,

her time not wasted at all!

and that in love spent and love lost

in paths paved in the wrong direction

what she had learned then

in the face of rejection

were lessons she would carry for the rest of her life

the lessons she learned

and the plans she would rewrite

would make way for the blessings

that were not yet in sight

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