When God calls an angel, 
Can they tell? Do they recognize the voice? Do they wait still? Do they accept it with ease? Do they cry and ask for more time? Do they know what's going on? Do they say their last goodbyes? Or do they know and not tell us, because they would hate to see the hurt in our eyes?

When God calls an angel 
Their mission is complete
They have done his good work and he says, "Come child, be with me" 
When God calls an angel
It is their time to rest
They have served their purpose and now it is their turn to be blessed

When God calls an angel
He knows hearts will be heavy, tears will be shed, and prayers will be said, God also hears every one of your cries, and he will be right there to dry all of your eyes.

He says to you, “my child take comfort in me, I will never hurt you, don't you trust me? I gave you my angel to love and to cherish, and as long as she is with me she will never perish. I know your heart is heavy with pain and despair, but my child remember, in your midnight hour, I will be there."

When God calls an angel
It is bittersweet
Loosing someone you love is never easy

But when God calls his angel, 
It’s a blessing in disguise
Because you got to see God's work with your very own eyes.

We may not understand everything God does or why he does it, but our faith in him allows us to keep going, and although this may seem like the lowest point in your life, just remember all you have to do is look up....

Because that is where God calls his angels....

-The Moon Owl™

*Dedicated to the Austin-Farr Family*


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