When Friends Became More

Sun, 06/30/2013 - 13:38 -- TuckerB

When friends become more

Are they not friends anymore?

Is that what’s choking us?

That our past will turn to dust?


Is it that when you give it all

You can also lose it all?

Or when love falls apart

The pain can fill your heart?


These risks I’m willing to take

Oh But there is so much at stake.

And I know you feel the same

But please, you don’t need to be ashamed.


Because when you’re lying next to me

I close my eyes but I cannot dream.

Tell me how I’m supposed to sleep

When I can hear, feel your heart beat,


To the rhythm of the time

That’s passing us, entwined.

And I’m reaching out to steal it

I’m holding on to every bit.


So that whatever we do become

These moments, I will still hold on

With these seconds we live forever

Because I will never let go. Never

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I absolutely love this...lovely write.  The questions you ask are spot-on :)

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