When faced with the task

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 11:19 -- Libynic

When faced with the task of thinking about something that I truly cannot live without, 

my mind began to wander and my heart to race as I struggled to find something to fill this space.

Hours and hours it seemed had past and I was nowhere closer than when I was last.

"What is so special?" I thought quietly.  I've not much to choose from, I'm both sad and lonely.

I thought about things from which I could ne'er part, then suddenly I realized what I cannot live without.

Something that knows me more than I do.  It knows all my thoughts, my hopes and dreams too.

It has become both my friend and worst enemy and has many names.

To just name a few would take all my time, for every name it holds can be found in my mind.  

My mind is a prison, I cannot escape.  Consider this; Sorrow or is it just fate?

For you see I'm not happy, haven't been in a while.

These days everything else is worth more than my smile.  

There is a darkness that follows wherever I go; So when you see light, I just see my shadow.

The shadow that plagues me no matter the day.  

The harder I run, the more vicious he'll chase because you see, life's a marathon and I am loosing the race.

So the answer to what I will and cannot live without, is as simple as this, it is myself.

For I am the thing which is bringing me down, but I cannot live, free from his bound 

To end I'll say this and then journey through; Depression is his name but he has a twin too.




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