When did I get older

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 13:56 -- Msquibb

When did I get older

Feeling the time slip by

I can’t help but plea  

For time to stop

But I can see time still fly


Still I wonder when

When did I get older

I have grown up so much

I let time go too fast

And I didn’t relax


I look back and can see

All of my memories

When did I get older

I just turned seventeen

And that feels different to me


I have a life filled with joy

And much ambition

But I wish I knew the exact moment

When did I get older

I retrace my steps


Was it when I learned how to drive

Or when I got my first job

When I went to prom for the first time

Well I guess I will never know but I can still evoc curiosity

When did I get older


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