When Color is Not a Question


United States
43° 38' 10.1328" N, 116° 19' 43.6332" W

They said
that lines were drawn
black and white can’t mix.
They believed
separate but equal
could actually exist
in states
trying to step on
and stamp out supposed
with their so-called
they thought,
belonged on top.
But two sides of an equation
can’t ever be
separate but equal
if they don’t add up
to the same
on each side.
So they
stood up
and lifted the foot
from their heads.
So she
sat down,
on a bus,
and braved the consequences.
So all
could finally be fair
with no line,
no parallel,
no unequal equal sign.
They marched
in lines,
weaponless soldiers at war for humanity,
making clear
that no line needed drawing.
They knew
only equal is equal
and should exist.
That there was no
to be smothered,
no top or bottom;
they held
the light of truth
in the real darkness.
Two sides of an equation
can only be equal
if each half
is the same.
There should be one expression,
followed by an equal sign.
we’re better together,
we add up to so much more,
with justice and truth above all,
when color is not a question.

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